Inviting invitations

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Next time you have an event coming up, how are you going to invite your participants? Via email, via post, or a combination of both? One design can often suffice for both uses.

Here are a few different invitations I created for a client of mine, Precision Wealth Management.

Superannuation seminar for retirees

With a focus image on the idyllic couple walking along a beach without a care in the world, this invitation creates the end-goal in retirement. Separating text elements into bite-size chunks aids readability.

Information seminar for investors

A quirky ‘Super’ dollar sign graphic added a little light-heartedness to this often-confusing subject, and worked in perfectly with the ‘Supercharge’ title.

Christmas party invitation

Something light and fresh for a contemporary Australian Christmas. No snow or Santas in sight!

All of these invitations were supplied as a PDF that could be printed in-house, or attached to an email to send to their clients.

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